The land as we know it appeared at the time of the flood when the Earth’s crust buckled. The Earth’s crust continues under the oceans joining the continents. There was no Pangea.


In the Beginning, the Earth was formless and void, the Spirit of God hovered over the waters. (Gen 1:2)
The Earth was almost a perfect sphere when it was created but when cracks appeared in the outer layers of the Earth at the time of Noah, the fountains of the deep burst forth. Water was released from underground reservoirs completely flooding the Earth. Layers of sediment were deposited rapidly in the ensuing months and all living things were burried and became fossilized (except for those on the Ark). The loss of volume from inside the Earth cause the Earth to implode slightly creating stress in the outer mantle / crust. These cracks extended over the whole Earth and divided the outer mantle of the Earth into tectonic plates. As the water burst forth onto the Earth’s surface, the Earth shrank and it’s diameter and circumference was reduced. This caused the outer layers of the Earth to buckle creating high and low ground. Tectonic plates pushed together and overlapped forming mountain ridges. There must have been enourmous Earthquakes at the time. Water then flowed into the lower lying areas forming oceans, and cutting canyons and gorges in the soft newly formed sedimentary rock.

This is testified to by the continuous smoothly undulating nature of the Earth’s crust which continues under the oceans and joins the continents together. Only at faultlines is there a disruption in these smooth undulations as attested to by the presence of mountains and cliffs.

The Grand Canyon was not formed by a trickling Colorado river over millions of years. There was a cataclysmic event which flooded the Earth’s surface for over a year stiring up soil and depositing enourmous amounts of sediment and rapidly burrying animals and forests accounting for the fossils, oil deposits and coal seams that we have today. As water drained into lower lying areas, enormous gorges and canyons were cut into to soft newly formed sedimentary rock (which has now become hard).

There was no “Pangea” or supercontinent. The continents did not drift apart leaving great chasms in the Earth’s crust. They emerged out of the sea when the Earth’s outer layers buckled upwards and the water drained to lower lying areas which became the oceans.

Noah and the Flood, Creation, Science, Geology and Dinosaurs

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The Biblical account of the flood is entirely consistent with scientific evidence including the dinosaurs, giants, fossils and land formations. (P1) The flood gives us the best explanation of where fossil fuels come from and how the geological layers formed. (P2) Deficiencies in the Big Bang Theory and the theory of evolution are explained. (P3)