Noah and the Flood, Creation, Science, Geology and Dinosaurs

Noah and the Flood, Creation, Science, Geology and Dinosaurs


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The Biblical account of the flood is entirely consistent with scientific evidence including the dinosaurs, giants, fossils and land formations. (P1) The flood gives us the best explanation of where fossil fuels come from and how the geological layers formed. (P2) Deficiencies in the Big Bang Theory and the theory of evolution are explained. (P3)

The land as we know it appeared at the time of the flood when the Earth’s crust buckled. The Earth’s crust continues under the oceans joining the continents. There was no Pangea.


In the Beginning, the Earth was formless and void, the Spirit of God hovered over the waters. (Gen 1:2)
The Earth was almost a perfect sphere when it was created but when cracks appeared in the outer layers of the Earth at the time of Noah, the fountains of the deep burst forth. Water was released from underground reservoirs completely flooding the Earth. Layers of sediment were deposited rapidly in the ensuing months and all living things were burried and became fossilized (except for those on the Ark). The loss of volume from inside the Earth cause the Earth to implode slightly creating stress in the outer mantle / crust. These cracks extended over the whole Earth and divided the outer mantle of the Earth into tectonic plates. As the water burst forth onto the Earth’s surface, the Earth shrank and it’s diameter and circumference was reduced. This caused the outer layers of the Earth to buckle creating high and low ground. Tectonic plates pushed together and overlapped forming mountain ridges. There must have been enourmous Earthquakes at the time. Water then flowed into the lower lying areas forming oceans, and cutting canyons and gorges in the soft newly formed sedimentary rock.

This is testified to by the continuous smoothly undulating nature of the Earth’s crust which continues under the oceans and joins the continents together. Only at faultlines is there a disruption in these smooth undulations as attested to by the presence of mountains and cliffs.

The Grand Canyon was not formed by a trickling Colorado river over millions of years. There was a cataclysmic event which flooded the Earth’s surface for over a year stiring up soil and depositing enourmous amounts of sediment and rapidly burrying animals and forests accounting for the fossils, oil deposits and coal seams that we have today. As water drained into lower lying areas, enormous gorges and canyons were cut into to soft newly formed sedimentary rock (which has now become hard).

There was no “Pangea” or supercontinent. The continents did not drift apart leaving great chasms in the Earth’s crust. They emerged out of the sea when the Earth’s outer layers buckled upwards and the water drained to lower lying areas which became the oceans.

In the 600th year of Noah, the Earth’s “shell” cracked open releasing enormous volumes of water onto the Earth’s surface.

At the time of the flood of Noah, God made the Earth's crust crack like an egg shell.  These cracks or  fault lines divided the Earths crust into pieces that we now call tectonic plates.

At the time of the flood of Noah, God made the Earth’s outer mantle crack like an egg shell. These cracks or “fault lines” divided the Earth’s outer mantle into pieces that we now call “tectonic plates” and they allowed water to escape from underwater reservoirs onto the Earth’s surface.

At the time of the flood of Noah, God made the Earth’s outer mantle crack like an egg shell. These cracks or fault lines divided the Earth’s outer mantle into pieces that we now call tectonic plates. When God cracked the Earth open, an enormous volume of water from subterranean reservoirs was released onto the Earth’s surface, The Earth was decompressed and this caused the Earth to implode slightly upon itself as the water inside escaped onto the surface. The Earth’s outer mantle buckled in places creating mountain ridges and valleys. The Earth’s surface was remodeled in the ensuing months as layer upon layer of sediment formed. All the creatures of the Earth and it’s foliage were buried and became fossils (Except for those in Noah’s Ark). As the Earth contracted in volume, the diameter and circumference of the Earth did likewise. The resultant forces caused the Earth’s outer layers to buckle up and down. Tectonic plates moved towards each other overriding at the edges creating mountain ridges along fault lines. Water ran off into the valleys forming oceans and cutting enormous gorges in the soft newly formed sedimentary rock (eg the Grand Canyon). The Earth, which had been created formless, now had mountains and valleys and much larger oceans. Rain poured upon the Earth and ice precipitated at it’s poles and an Ice Age followed.

The fossilized remains of Noah’s Ark discovered on Mt Ararat in Turkey

Part 1: Noah’s Ark Discovered!

Part 2: Noah’s Ark Discovered!

Part 3: Noah’s Ark Discovered!

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Ron Wyatt was a nurse who decided to become an archaeologist. He made some very significant findings, none the least being the discovery of the true Mt Sinai in Arabia – Jabel Laws. He also found the two pillars left by Solomon to mark the site of the Red Sea crossing. He found Chariot wheels on the floor of the Gulf of Aqaba which were encased in coral. These findings are to his credit. Around the same time, the early 1980’s he went looking for the remains of Noah’s ark on Mt Arrarat in Turkey. He found a boat shaped object whick was composed of fossilized wood and giant iron rivets. It had the right dementions to be Noah’s ark. Giant anchor stones were found near by. As with most of his discoveries, many of the artifacts he found like the pilar of solomon on the Jordanian side and the anchor stones that he found at Ararat were removed by unknow parties. It is forbidden to go to Mount Sinai, so few have seen it. The Photos that Wyatt took were confiscated but Jordanians and Wyatt was held in a Jordanian jail for some time for his efforts. I believe that these finds are significant and credible exactly as he reported them and I agree with his conclusions. It was around the same time that Wyatt also went looking for the Ark of the Covenant. He spent a year exploring caves around Golgotha extending under the temple mount. After exploring the caves for a year, he got into a cave which had two entrances, one of which had been bricked off. In the cavern he claims to have found the Ark of the Covenant. He also claims to have found a crucifixion site immediately above the cavern and connected to the cavern by an earth quake crack. He says the crucifixion site had been marked by a round stone with the same dimentions that the missing stone of the garden tomb would have had. He found red material which he thought could have been the blood of christ. After announcing his discoveries, the excavation was shut down by Israeli authorities. He was not able to bring the ark out and has never been able to substantiate his claim. He is now dead. Remarkably, though, he is the only person who has been permitted by the Israeli govenment to explore the caves. His associates lead by Richard Reeves were allowed to reopen his excavations 20yrs later around 2001. The cavern where the Ark was found is now filled with rubble. It is gone. It looks like he fabricated everything. But did he? That is the question. Did the Israeli government remove the Ark after shutting down his excavation. Why is Wyatts team the only team that is allowed to drill and excavate at the garden tomb. The Israeli government has let them go in there with bulldosers. Why is this. May be it is because he did find the Ark and he suffered humiliation because the Israeli government covered it up. There is another group of Jews who claim to have the ark in their possession. The went through the caves under the temple mount and found the bricked off end of the cavern that Wyatt found and removed the ark. The red stuff that Wyatt found was very unlikley to be Christ’s blood. Wyatt drew the wrong conclusion about this but he never fabricated any evidence. Because much of what he found has gone missing, he could not substantiate his claims and was discreditted in the eyes of many people. He is still one of my heros and I do not believe that he fabricated anything. His discovery of Mt Sinai, the Red Sea crossing site and maybe Noah’s ark still stand. It is hard to believe that one man could achieve so many discoveries in such a short period of time but look at Imhotep and what he achieved!! I stand by Wyatt and hope that one day he will be vindicated. He was an honorable man and I believe he was a reliable source of original information.–Dr Nigel Hawkins

Timeline from Noah to Christ based on dates given in the Bible and reliable historical dates

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Dates given in this diagram are based on the ages and genealogies given in the Bible. This chart differs slightly from those of other Biblical scholars in that the dates before the Exodus have been moved back by about 215 years. Many scholars have only allowed for 215 years of Egyptian slavery for the Israelites. The Bible actualy says that the Israelites were in Egypt for a period of 430 years. It can be calculated from the dates given in the Bible (Genesis Ch 11), that the flood occurred 582 years before Jacob entered Egypt (Jacob was 130 yrs old when he entered Egypt and Abraham was 100yrs old when he had Issac and Issac 60 yrs old when he had Jacob). Archaelogical evidence is increasingly pointing to the Exodus being in the 13th Egyptian Dynasty in 1445BC and this is confirmed by the Bible which says that Solomon began building the temple 480yrs after the Exodus (1Kings 6:1). If the Exodus date is correct, the flood of Noah would have occured around 2457 BC (1445+430+582).

What is the evidence for Giants prior to the flood of Noah?

 There continues to be more and more discoveries of Giant Human Skeletons.

Not only were there Giant Humans, there is also evidence that humans and dinosaurs co-existed! (see other videos) These facts seem to contradict the theory of evolution.  Man is getting smaller and dumber (as oposed to bigger and smarter).  Prior to the flood, all creatures lived longer and grew bigger – even trees. After the Flood, conditions on the Earth changed such that it could no longer support Giant Life forms. Dinosaus and Giant Humans only existed in the pre flood world. They were burried rapidly by the flood and preserved as fossils so that we could find them today. Large forests were also burried in the flood giving rise to massive coal seems. The flood of Noah was bigger than any sunami in history and covered the whole Earth. It took over 12 months for the land to dry up. Most of the water came from within the Earth. (Subterranean reservoirs.) When the Subterranean reservoirs were released onto the surface of the Earth at the time of the Flood, the Earth’s crust buckled up and down forming mountains and valleys. The water ran into the valleys which became seas and great canyons were carved in the soft sedemetary layers that were deposited during the 12 months that the waters covered the Earth. Oxygen levels and atmospheric pressure fell after the Flood and the larger animals were not able to survive.

Dr Nigel Hawkins